Mad About Maldives

If there’s one place in the world that seems to epitomize luxury and exclusivity, it must be the island nation of Maldives in the Indian Ocean. There are few destinations that are more expensive, as well. Therefore, a visit here can be the trip of a lifetime.

Getting There

Traveling to the Maldives from North or South America can be a challenge. Direct flights to Male, the nation’s capital, tend to originate in the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, and some cities in Asia such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Direct flights from London and istanbul are also available. If you live near one of the theses areas, then you’re in luck. If you don’t, expect a fairly long and hectic journey.

However, once you arrive, you’re in paradise, which makes it all worth it.

Where To Stay

Aside from the capital of Male, there are no hotels in the Maldives, only resorts. That being said, the resorts are exquisite, and many of them take up their own islands. Resorts tend to be specialized as well, with some focusing on diving, others focusing on family stays or luxury accommodation. All are very expensive. It is common for $1000 USD or more to be an adequate weekly budget for a couple for food, drink, and activities only. Transport and accommodation is above that cost.

However, the overwater bungalows that Maldives is famous for are a real treat. There’s not a lot that more tropical or more fun than being able to come right out of your room and jump into the ocean. Some even have glass floors so you can watch the fish swim around in the water just below.

Eat and Drink

Naturally, menus in the Maldives focus on seafood. The culture of the food draws heavily from its Sri Lankan and Indian roots, with some Arabic tastes thrown in as well. Alcohol is illegal in this Muslim nation, but resorts have licenses to serve it to their guests. However, there is a steep markup on the cost of alcohol. Many visitors have noticed that alcohol is the most expensive part of their stay.


Maldives is known around the world as a premier SCUBA destination. The remote location of the islands mean that the water is crystal clear and the sea life is abundant. Whale shark sightings are very common in the area and these gentle giants draw large crowds. Many avid divers choose live aboard dive boats to maximize the experience.

Surfing has also become more popular in the area. Large international surfing competitions have been held in the Maldives recently, putting this destination on the surfing map. Many local tour operators cater specifically to surfers, offering boat trips to various breaks.

Ultimately, it all comes down to finances. If you can afford it and if you have the time to get there, Maldives is a fantastic, exclusive vacation that you will talk about for years to come. Why not consider this amazing destination for your next special trip?

Vienna: A City of Wonder

The capital city of Austria, Vienna is known to be a cultural hub, as it is home to many festivals and musical performances. In addition, there are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites that add vibrancy to this already dynamic and youthful city. With so many flights to Vienna from cities all over the world, it is possible to enjoy the romantic ambience of this city without worrying how to get there.

A trip to this city will allow you to visit Schönbrunn Palace. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the famous cultural monuments in the city. The beautiful garden mazes and flowerbeds will take your breath away. And, on entering the palace, a person will be able to get a taste of how the Austrian royalty used to live in completely luxury.

The city boasts several museums, and one museum that should be a must-see is the Kunsthistorisches Museum. This museum of fine arts is famous for its impressive and rare collections. It is also home to the Imperial collection. Even the museum’s architecture is worth admiring for its grandeur.

Another must-see place is the Imperial Butterfly House, which is part of the Hofburg Palace. The Palace now is the official residence of the Austrian president, but visits to the Butterfly House are possible. Visitors are often amazed at the Butterfly House, because they get to see hundreds of butterflies flying freely in an artificial rainforest environment. The colorful insects can keep a visitor mesmerized for hours.

Many visitors coming to the city do not miss an opportunity to visit the Anchor Clock. This clock was constructed between 1911 and 1917, and forms a bridge between two point of the same building. It is adorned with mosaic decorations. However, it is the 12 historical figures of the clock which are the biggest attractions. These figures come out together at the stroke of noon every day to accompanying music.

As the Danube flows through the city, it is certain that there will be a tower here to admire the city and the river from above. In Vienna, the tower is called the Danube Tower and it stands at a height of 352 meters. The adventurous can try bungee jumping, but it is the view that is worth checking out.

Many air and rail options exist to bring tourists into the city. What are you waiting for? Choose the trip that’s right for you and visit Austria’s capital city, Vienna, today!

Sites for you while in Germany

Situated at the heart of Europe, it has more than one hundred million visitors annually. Since the end of World War II it has received a great number of visitors with tourism expanding tremendously. Its history dates back a long way to the cities being visited by foreigners for education and recreation in the 18th century. The country is the 7th most visited by tourists in the world with a total of over 27.2 billion Euros in revenue collected per year in travel and tourism, it is clear that it has very many attractive sites for the foreigners. Some of the most attractive and visited sites in Germany are found in its major cities all over the country. These sites are:


Neuschwanstein Castle

Referred to as the most photographed site in the country and also the most visited site in Germany, it’s located on a rocky hill near Fussen in Southwest Bavaria to be specific. The Neuschwanstein castle is known all over the world as a symbol of idealistic beauty and architecture and the owner; King Ludwig the II’s tragic story which is connected to myths and fairy tales. What makes the castle outstanding and the number one most visited site in Germany is the beautiful interior architecture that is found inside the castle, from the dining hall with King Ludwig’s greatest decoration of a swan as a tap and the bedroom.

The Brandenburg Gate

Built between the the year 1788 and the year 1791 by King William II it is termed as the key entry point to the city of Berlin. Regarded as one of the popular landmarks in Berlin, it was a passage to the great palace of the Prussian Monarchs. This site symbolizes the great unification of the never ending war between the East and West Berlin and serves as the only surviving gate in Berlin.

Heidelberg Old City


The fifth largest city in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg and part of the densely populated areas in Germany. It is an old town with some of more top visitor’s attraction sites including castles & antique houses. This is a cool town with an oceanic climate with mild temperatures that are blown in from the marine west.

The Cologne Cathedral

A Roman catholic church in Cologne with the seat of the archbishop of Cologne. It took the builders many years to complete the building. It has been long in existence since the year 1248 and seen through the second World War. Since construction it has been considered one of the finest divine buildings and the epitome of highly gothic cathedral architecture in Germany.

The Museum Island

It is a unique island with a total of five museums. It was awarded with UNESCO world heritage status as a cultural and architectural monument of great significance. The different museums continue attracting a number of visitors who marvel at the constructions and the contents of the museum.

4 things to help you fulfill a true New Zealand adventure

For most people who are on the verge of embarking on a travel trip,
planning and travel expenses are major causes of untold stress,
however for those of you planning for a trip to New Zealand, we
are about to change the focal point of stress! Being home to
magnificent landscapes, rolling grasslands and amazing coastlines, New
Zealand is jam-packed with an array of different, exotic activities
that the hardest part in planning a holiday to this country is
deciding on the things to do and which not to forego. Because, let’s
face it, a single trip, no matter how long it may be is not enough for one to
cover all of these activities. Well, for starters, below is a peek as to
the four things that you should look into for a truly amazing New Zealand

Hiking and Walking

Tongariro National Park

Featuring one of the worlds well-renown hiking and walking tracks, a
vacation in New Zealand is not complete without hiking (or tramping as
it is more often called in that part of the world). Hiking can also be done in parks such as
Tongariro National Park where there is quite some fantastic scenery to
be viewed. Additionally, the North and South Island are fraught with
varied landscapes ranging from extensive white beaches, rolling
glaciers, imposing mountains, lush and evergreen temperate forests to
bubbling hot water pools that are sure to take your breath away on any
hike day.


New Zealand is a land where outdoors activities and great adventure
playgrounds dominate. And one does not really have to enjoy all these
scenic views by hiking. A 14,000 feet skydive is an experience that
will guarantee you fantastic views without breaking (too much) a sweat! There are
a lot of amazing places from where you can skydive, Tongariro National
Park and Lake Taupo being the best. What’s more is the fact that you
get to experience all this at a cost of less than £76.

Swimming and Surfing

One of the many beautiful beaches of New Zealand

The ever-changing sea, unspoilt beaches and a mixture of deep blue
waters in most of New Zealand’s coastline makes it an excellent place
to engage in swimming, fishing, surfing or just plain
stretching and relaxing on the beaches. Some of the most superb
surfing beaches include Whangmata (the surfing capital of New
Zealand), Onemana, Opoutere and Whiritoa.

Zorbing at Rotorua

Downhill zorbing… yes, people are in those

Zorbing is a pleasurable activity that you can come across in
different forms in different places around the globe, but if you
haven’t been to Rotorua and engaged in zorbing, then the meaning of
zorbing has completely eluded you. At Rotorua, you can do it with a
ball filled with water or strap yourself and do it the dry way.
Though, it might leave you giddy, it is one of the coolest and most
insane things that you can do while in New Zealand.

Get Lost in Marrakech

Marrakech is one of the most well-known cities of Morocco, and as such, it holds a veritable treasure trove of places to see and things to do. It is a cultural center in the country and the interesting sights and wonders you will find here give you a glimpse into the history of the place and the current political, cultural, artistic and business climate of Morocco.

When planning your trip to Marrakech, make sure to include these five places on your route. From ancient ruins to ornate palaces to traditional communities, you’ll leave feeling that you’ve really gotten a taste of this city.

Photos of Bahia Palace, Marrakech
This photo of Bahia Palace is courtesy of TripAdvisor

1.) Medina of Marrakech 

You can visit this popular market by night or day, but for a full experience of the Medina, you will probably want to do both. Past visitors have noted that if you go during the day, the area draws less tourists, so you might be able to barter for deals on the goods you want to purchase. At night, however, is when the market really lights up and you’ll find a thriving commercial and cultural center. TripAdvisor commenters have said they enjoyed the musical performances, and the many foods and spices available during the nighttime hours.

2.) Maison Tiskiwin

If you’re interested in learning about the history and evolution of the city, Maison Tiskiwin is the place to go. This museum is small but elegant, and you’ll find plenty of pieces on display that will take you through the Marrakech journey. The exhibits reflect centuries of art and history, and will leave you feeling as though you are more connected with the city.

3.) Bahia Palace 

The draw here is the ornate detail that has gone into the artwork and design of the palace. Some past visitors have noted that the walk to the palace is especially lovely, and this will add to the ambiance of your experience. Others have noted that the architecture and design of the palace illustrate the past connections between Spain and North Africa, an interesting way of seeing history manifested.

4.) El Badi Palace

Here you’ll find the ruins of an ancient palace, and see beyond the artistic splendor of traditional Moroccan designs You’ll also be treated to the spectacular site of the enormous storks that roost here, and their huge nests as well. This is bonus of visiting the palace and will make the experience that much more special. While the wonders of El Badi Palace may not be explicit, you can still get a sense of its former grandeur.

5.) Ecomusee Berbere 

Travelers rave about this experience, which gives you the chance to immerse yourself in Berber traditions and customs. During this tour, you will be treated to sights of the landscape of Berber lands, and see traditional villages before being treated to a customary meal.

Come see for yourself why Morocco, and particularly Marrakech, are fast becoming tourist hotspots!

Summertime in Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful and somewhat underestimated country in Europe. For its size, Croatia offers variety of landscapes: tall mountains, seascapes, plains and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe.

Visit Croatia in summer time and you’ll enter into the whirlwind of the tourist season. The season reaches its peak in July and August, as the weather is almost perfect.

Hotel prices are at their highest point during this time and vacancies are at the lowest level, no matter where you go. If you can manage to go in June however, you’ll find Croatia sunny, warm and busy enough, but not as crowded. Summer is very exciting because there’s a lot going on. Nightlife along the coast is at its most frenzied, whether you’re a clubber or a culture fan.

Music festivals animate the streets of Dubrovnik and other coastal towns in July and August, while Zagreb and other cities are quiet and serene. Everyone has headed to the coast so it looks like ghost town, especially in August! Summer is the sunniest and driest season along the coast which means you’re unlikely to be caught by a rainy day. Your main concern will simply be avoiding a sunburn and ordering another drink!

During June in Croatia you can have it all: sailing, swimming, culture and all sorts of outdoor activities. In Zagreb the average temperature is 19°C (66°F) and in Dubrovnik it’s 21°C (71°F).

The tourist season is well underway in Dubrovnik (where you should have an advance reservation) but just getting started in other coastal and island destinations. You’re before the summer tourist crush, but everything is open for business. Croatian local and international ferries are on their summer schedules making it easier to get to Croatia’s islands.

The weather makes June an excellent month to enjoy the outdoors and there are also some lively festivals. The crush of tourists can make a summertime visit to one of Croatia’s more popular places less than pleasant. Croatia is no longer an undiscovered destination. The narrow streets of Dubrovnik or Hvar Town can be elbow-to-elbow with visitors licking ice cream cones and snapping pictures. Taking a car onto a ferry means reserving in advance and then waiting in line for hours. For a more authentic and relaxing experience consider staying in one of the lesser-known destinations. Consider Cres Island, Vis Island, Lastovo Island, the most far-off populated Island in Croatia…

It’s easy to see why Croatia has become a very popular destination. The weather is pleasant, the scenery is gorgeous, and the culture is undeniably inviting. Book your trip early, then enjoy aome of the best this country has to offer!

A Spanish Holiday

If you are looking for somewhere warm to travel to and enjoy a great holiday sailing during the cold winter months, then why not come to the beautiful island of La Gomera and give us at Canarysail a call. Because of where the island is positioned geographically, we get fantastic weather all year round and perfect weather for a challenging, exciting weeks sailing.

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As well as the sailing courses and boat charter facilities that we offer we also can provide you with accommodation and lists of activities that you may want to give a go while you are visiting the island, there is so much to do and a little something for everyone.

La Gomera may be one of the least well known out of the many Canary Islands but it is fast becoming more popular and has fantastic scenery, sights and sea. We hope to be seeing you soon and looking forward to more exhilarating miles sailing out at sea with YOU.

If you are looking for somewhere warm to travel to and enjoy a great holiday sailing in the coursework of these cold winter months, then why not come to the beautiful island of La Gomera and give us at Canarysail a call. Because of where the island is positioned geographically, they get fantastic weather all year round and ideal weather for a challenging, fascinating weeks sailing.

US? Canada? Experience Both at Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a set of massive waterfalls located on the Niagara River, straddling the international border separating the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of New York. The falls are located 17 miles (27 km) north-northwest of Buffalo, New York, 75 miles (120 km) south-southeast of Toronto, Ontario, between the twin cities of Niagara Falls, Ontario, and Niagara Falls, New York.

Niagara Falls, which straddle the U.S.-Canadian border, have been a tourist mecca since the mid-19th century. With statistics from the Niagara Falls Tourism Bureau and Niagara Falls Bridge Commission, visitors are estimated to be more than 12 million a year.

The impressive Niagara Falls consist of three separate waterfalls. Although the Horseshoe Falls of the Canadian side are bigger, the American Falls and Bridal Falls in the US side of the border will also take your breath away with their impressive beauty. In spite of the millions of pictures spread around the world, seeing Niagara Falls in front of your very own eyes is the only way to get a true concept of the monumental size of these famous waterfalls. In Niagara Falls you can not only admire the falls from a distant lookout spot, but also sail to the foot of the falls on a boat, the Maid of the Mist, or make an exciting dive behind the water curtain of the falls.

The climate in Niagara Falls is characterized by cold winters and warm summers. During the summer (June- September) average monthly high temperatures in Niagara Falls range from 25 to 28⁰C. When the winter comes, Niagara Falls frequently meets temperatures below zero. The peak season for tourism in Niagara Falls is in spring and summer. If you want to see the falls at their best, you should come in March or April, when the amount of water rushing through these massive falls is even more impressive than during any other time.

Practical information for your trip to Niagara Falls

Located at the border of the US state of New York and Canada’s Ontario, Niagara Falls is best reached through Buffalo – Niagara airport. Apart from that, direct flights to  Niagara Falls airport are offered on a charter basis. On the Canadian side of the border, Toronto Airport is only one and half an hour’s drive away from the twin towns of Niagara Falls, which are very easy to reach by road from both directions. Crossing the Niagara River is possible along highway bridges and by boat.

Niagara Falls is renowned both for both its beauty and as a valuable source of hydroelectric power. Managing the balance between recreational, commercial, and industrial uses has been a challenge for the stewards of the falls since the 1800s.

Visit this iconic piece of history and enjoy all of the fun that Niagara Falls has to offer!

The Ins and Outs of the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower, also known as the Iron Lady of France, is one of the tallest iron structures ever built. The tower is located in Paris, France, and it was built in 1889. More than 5 million people visit the Eiffel tower every year, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in France and around the world. The Eiffel Tower is made out of iron and is built on Champ de Mars. The tower got its name from the engineer who built it.


The Eiffel Tower was built for the International Exhibition of Paris, also known as the Paris Exposition of 1889. The International Exhibition of France was held in order to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the French Revolution. The Prince of Wales, King Edward VII, opened the tower after considering the 700 proposed designs. Gustav Eiffel’s design was chosen but 300 petioners opposed its construction. Nevertheless, the Eiffel Tower’s construction began in 1897 and was finished in 1889. The tower was used as a key place in Paris to measure the wind speed. Also, Eiffel encouraged many scientific experiments to take place on the Eiffel Tower, such as Foucault’s giant pendulum.

Why Was the Eiffel Tower Built?

The French government held a contest for the best monument to be used as a display in the 1899 World’s Fair. More than 700 monument designs were entered. Eiffel won by unanimous vote with his tower’s latticework design.
But all Parisians did not love the Eiffel Tower. During the construction of the Eiffel Tower, a petition was distributed demanding that it be dismantled. Locals thought that the tower was an eyesore. By the time the famous tower was completed, however, Eiffel became known as the Magician of Iron.


The Eiffel Tower was constructed from 18,038 iron modules. It took 2.5 million rivets to put these modules together. This riveting took place over a 26-month period. The tower stands 986 feet tall. That height extends to 1,050 feet when you include the radio antenna placed at the top. The weight of the Eiffel Tower is 7,300 tons by itself. That weight rises to 10,100 tons when the concrete foundations are included. Three platforms are included on the Eiffel Tower and they can be found at the 170-, 380- and 820-feet levels. If you want to climb all the way to the top, you’ll have to make your way up 1,665 steps.

The Eiffel tower has been painted 6 different colors in its history. All of the different colors were shades of brown. It takes 50 tons of paint to paint the Eiffel tower.

There are three levels in all. At the south tower’s base a ticket booth sells tickets to use the stairs, which begin at that location and the first and second levels are accessible by both stairs and lifts.  But the third level summit is only accessible by lift. On the first platform, the stairs continue up from the east tower.

The other facility at the tower includes a skating rink. The skating rink is free to use. Other facilities are also available, such as various souvenir shops. The tower also has two restaurants, both located on the main floor. 

 The Elevator is normally open all day from 9:30 AM – 23:45 PM. The stairs are open between 9:30 AM – 18:30 PM and the opening hours are longer on the summer.

To get to the top costs about €11 as adult and half the price as children. The stairs will bring you half-way for about €4. You will have to be prepared to stand in queue, especially in the summer months or during holiday weekends.

As one of the iconic structures in the world, the Eiffel Tower is the symbol of France. Do yourself a favor and visit as soon as you can!

Things to See in Istanbul

Istanbul is a world capital. It is the only city in the world built on two continents. It had long been coveted by dominant empires. Firstly, it served as capital to Byzantine, and then to the Ottoman Empire. Everyone should visit at least once during life.

Istanbul stretches along the shores of the Bosphorus (two shores) that relates  the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea. It is the largest city of Turkey having a population of over 13 million. Istanbul describes  the base of the economy of Turkey.

Istanbul is an wonderful destination for travelling around. Every year millions of tourists pay a visit to Istanbul. If you have enough time, my suggestion to you is to spend your holiday in Istanbul. Nowhere in the world  you can experience the life as you can in Istanbul.

Istanbul is also the capital of art and culture as well as being a combination of eastern and western cultures. Istanbul was Europe Cultural Capital in 2010. Many art based actions are accessible even during vacation. Some of them are; opera and ballet, art exhibitions, auctions, theatres, concerts, festivals, conferences and unique museums.

Large numbers of ancient structures from not only 13th or 14th centuries but also older ones are still there. Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Suleymaniye Mosque and Blue  Mosque are placed in Istanbul. Atmosphere is always perfect with its old crumbling houses , street vendors and stock brokers, department stores, ultra-modern shopping centres, bazaars and skyscrapers. Many media and advertising agencies, giant companies and banks all have their headquarters in Istanbul.

Istanbul has two famous sides; European side and Asian side. The European side, is divided in two by the Golden Horn or Halic, which roughly divides  the historic part of old Istanbul, encompassing the areas of, Sultanahmet and Laleli, from the modern city. It is crossed by a number of bridges, the most well-known of which is the Galata Bridge. Asian side is also worth to see with its cultural atmosphere and its contact to other parts of Asia continent.

Travelling around Istanbul is easy. No problem wherever you select to stay, it doesn’t take much time to complete the most of the city. The most noteworthy parts  of Istanbul (The Sultanahmet Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar) are within a 30 minute walk of each other. It is tolerant to get around on foot or by making use of the tram, which supplies  usual service on the principal streets. Taxis are plentiful and to some extent cheap and there are also ‘dolmus’ (shared taxi) and bus services. Most tour operators could design tours to visit the primary sights.

There are a number of qualified hotels in the section of Sultanahmet, many of which are reconstructed  Ottoman mansions. Turkish bath is famous in the world with its exclusive cultural purification formula. Turkish national foods are also worth to taste. Turkish delight, Turkish raki (national alcoholic beverage) and also other national foods are excellent.

Some of Istanbul’s perfect touristic places to visit contain; Dolmabahce Palace, Topkapi Palace, Panorama 1453 Museum, Islamic Sciene & Technology Museum,  Air Force Museum, Byzantine Hippodrome, Taksim Square, Blue Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, Askenazi Synagogue, Saint Antuan Church, Galata Whirling Dervish Hall, Anatolian Fortress, Grand Bazaar, Spice Market, Bosphorus, Princes’ Islands.

If you desire to see all these best places, I can suggest you an e-book which talks  about all these touristic stations  and also much more. Its name is ISTANBUL TOP-101 and is dedicated to 101 TOP touristic places  in Istanbul. You could get this e-book from the following link: Although it is not free of cost, i guess it is one of the cheapest sources written on Istanbul with its more than 130 pages.